Note: By advertising on the Bird Australia website interested parties dont have to buy a bird magazine to see your adverts, it is permanently on line for all to see 24/7.

Club and breeder adverts 75mm wide x145mm high = $25/year (See examples on Clubs Page)

Half page Club and breeder adverts = $50/year

Full page club or breeder advert with photos = $100/year

For Sale advert with photo = $20 (sale price up to $500, $40 for sale price $500 up)

Clubs that advertise get 20% discount on For Sale adverts.

Business classifieds = $40/year

Full page business advert with promotional photos = $300/year

Half page business advert with promotional photos = $150/year

Quarter page business advert = $75/year

Any time consuming graphics to be costed on presentation.

Website single page - your own club or breeder website single page = $150 + $120 internet hosting and domain name fee/year.

Forum adverts $2/line.

Advertising to be booked a month in advance.

Please contact me via email with any ideas or questions with regard to advertising or improvements to this website.


All payments can be made via direct bank deposit within Australia or with any bank card using Paypal with 4% added to the total to cover Paypal fees.

Also Postal Money Order and bank and personal cheques drawn on Australian banks.

Annual Adverts:

Any changes to annuual adverts for clubs or businesses in the future, will be made at no cost to the advertisee.



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